Browser troubleshooting

If Centrium CRM does not work or does not look like it should, follow these steps.

Make sure your browser is up-to-date

New versions of browsers run faster and implement modern standards. Thanks to this Centruim works faster, more safely and it looks a lot better.

We require:

Internet Explorer
Version 10+

Mozilla Firefox
Version 30+

Google Chrome
Version 30+

Version 7+

Version 15+

Clear browser`s cache and remove cookies

Browsers use cache to store images and contents of webpages on your computer in order to display them faster in the future. Sometimes instead of displaying the new version, the browser will show the outdated page. In such situation you should clear the cache.

Cookie is a small text file stored on your computer. Cookies are used to store your settings and preferences. If something does not refresh or looks bad - try removing them. Browser will recreate them again in the correct form.

You can find out how to do this by visiting Google`s help page.

Check your internet connection

Can you access other sites?

Start by checking if you can access other major sites such as Google. If you can`t - there is a problem with your Internet connection - wait a couple of minutes and try again or contact your ISP.

Is it just you?

Ask your co-workers if they can access Centrium. If they can - it is a problem with your computer. You can also check out this page, to find out if it is you or us.

Try using another browser

Sometimes browsers tend not to work as expected, especially if you have any third-party extenstions or plugins installed. Try accessing Centrium with a different browser.

Restart your computer

Simpliest solutions are sometimes the best. Turn off your computer, turn it on again and check if your problem has magically disappeared.

Check your antivirus and firewall configuration

Antivirus software and firewall may block internet connections. We are using standard protocols which should not be blocked, however you could try turning antivirus and firewall off and checking if Centrium works. If it does - turn antivirus and firewall software on and try to figure out which of it`s configuration options blocks access to Centrium. Please do not forget to re-enable antivirus and firewall, after finishing this test.

Restart your router

Turn of your router and wait about 10 seconds, than turn it on. When router established new internet connection try using Centrium again.

Enable Javascript in your browser

All interactive elements in Centrium require JavaScript to be turned on. Each of the supported browsers has this feature enabled by default. If it has been disabled - read this document to learn how to re-enable it again.

Enable cookies in your browser

Cookie support is required to log in to Centrium. This feature should be enabled by default in every required browser. If it has been disabled - read this document to learn how to re-enable it again.

Still having problems? - Drop us a line at we will try to solve them together.