Send e-mail campaigns to Centrium contacts

Export Centrium contacts to MailChimp lists

Would you like to quickly send targeted e-mail campaigns or newsletters to Centrium contacts? Find right people and companies using our filters or tags and export them to MailChimp with a click of a button.

Contacts will be sent to a selected MailChimp`s list what allows you to create multiple targeted campaigns. Duplicated contacts will be ignored automatically so keeping both lists synced is easy and hassle-free.

Use the right tool to get the job done

MailChimp is one of the best e-mail marketing tools in the World. Main reasons for chosing MailChimp as our e-mail marketing integration were ease of use, great templates, versatile reporting options and read / click statistics.

Campaign performance reports, industry comparisons, click performance and detailed statistics available in MailChimp will let you fine-tune your e-mail marketing and reach out both to current and new customers.