Privacy policy

Innodia Ltd. ("We") spares no efforts on protecting and respecting your privacy.

This document (along with the Terms of Service and other documents, to which it refers to) determines principles, according to which we process all personal information received from you or collected by us. It also specifies any obligations for processing your information while using Service. In the case of conflicting records in the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service, the records contained in the Terms of Service take precedence.

Change history:
05.25.2018 - changes related to GDPR
07.26.2015 - server location change

Who are we?

Innodia Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales with number 07779992, whose registered office is at 5 London Road SW179JR, London, United Kingdom.

Information, which we collect from you

When you decide to create an account at ("Service"), you will be asked to enter selected information about you and your company. By entering this personal information, you agree to the collection, processing and transfer of your information in accordance with the provisions specified in this Privacy Policy.

We can also collect information regarding your use of Service, as well as information about you from our e-mail correspondence or data uploaded by you to our website. We will use this information in accordance with the provisions of this document.

All your personal data that we collect and process, we receive:

  • directly from you,
  • from your account administrator (during invitation to the service).

In both cases, yours or your account administrator's consent is required.

We collect and process your first and last names, e-mail address, IP address, information about the web browser and other data provided by your browser (eg referral page, language, time zone, etc.).


Cookie is a text string of information stored by your browser while browsing a website. Cookies are used by Service in order to assure continuity of session after signing in, prepare anonymous statistics regarding the use of application, store user preferences and to enable "Remember me on this computer" functionality. Please remember that this option should not be used while working on public access computers (Internet cafes, reading rooms, libraries, etc.).

Cookies do not contain your personal information.

Your information

Our Service - Centrium CRM is an online application which allows you to manage customer relations and stores information as provided by you (as a company or individually). We only store information that was entered by you and/or users from your organization or that was imported automatically with user’s approval or at his request. Information entered or imported by users remain their property; it won’t be used or made public without your approval.

Persons under 18 years of age

If you are under 18 you can not have an account in the service. We do not collect and process data of minors.

Credit card information

We do not store your financial information, including credit card numbers and codes. Any payment information is stored and processed by PayPal (Europe) in accordance with their privacy policy.

Who has access to your information?

You decide who has access to your information.

Information entered or imported at the request of users of your organization is safely stored in our database, which can be accessed only by selected employees of our company. Your administrator ("Administrator") has full control over the list of users from your organization who can access this data; he can enable access to Service (invite user).

Entering username (e-mail) and password is required to gain access to your information (Service requires signing in).

Every user has to keep his password secure. The Administrator is obligated to make sure that only authorized people have access to Service (they have been invited beforehand). None of our employees or third parties have an ability to discover or restore any passwords to Service, which means that they are not able to sign in to account without previous invitation from your Administrator.

You are responsible and guarantee that during the use of Service you do not violate any local or international laws, including, but not limited to the rights related to privacy and processing of personal and other information.

You agree to immediately respond to our request to correct or delete information stored in Service. You also agree to cooperate in full and assist in the case of any complaint, notice or communication regarding indirect or direct processing of personal or other information and to comply with the binding local and international laws.

You agree to indemnify us and keep us indemnified and defend us at your own expense against all costs, claims, damages or expenses incurred by us or for which the we may become liable due to any failure by you (or your employees or agents (where applicable)) to comply with your obligations under this Privacy Policy.

We will provide access to your information anytime

Full copy of your data will be provided to you on request in one of the commonly used file formats selected by us.

Your information can be irreversibly deleted by us when no payment is made for the use of Service, or at Administrator’s request.

Where do we store your information?

We store all data in a secure hosting facility located in European Union.


You can opt-out of any e-mails from us.

We send information about payments, our services, Service notifications, and a newsletter. In all cases, you can opt-out of any e-mail communications.

When in any case, you will decide to opt-out of receiving correspondence from us, notify us, and we will remove your e-mail from our mailing list.

How do we use your information and to whom will we disclose it?

In the case of registration or payment for use of our Service, we will use information entered by you to process payments and also to enable access to Service.

We may also use your data to send you marketing materials about our Service.

In addition, we can collect and transfer anonymous statistics, which can be used to improve quality of our Service and website.

To whom and when will we disclose your information?

We follow strict security guideliness in storage and disclosure of your data in order to prevent unauthorized access. We operate in compliance with the laws of the countries, in which we conduct our activity.

We never disclose your private information to other companies or third parties (located in both the UK and other countries), with the exception of entities whose services and products are required to provide our services to you. These companies provide equipment, data storage infrastructure and other services required to ensure efficient operation of the Service. Any information exchanged between us and third parties is encrypted using SSL technology.

We will disclose your information to third parties in the following cases:

  • when we will be legally forced to disclose your personal information or in order to enforce provisions of the Terms of Service and other contracts, in order to protect the rights of Innodia Ltd., our customers or other. It also applies to exchange of information with other companies or organizations for the purposes of fraud protection and credit risk reduction,
  • when Innodia Ltd. or the majority of its assets is sold to a third party, personal information will be one of these assets.

Please, note that this can lead to disclosure of your information to one or more countries outside the UK.

Using the website and/or Service, you consent to our service partners having access to your personal data, including the ones outside the European Economic Area (EEA). We always ensure that your data is only transferred in full accordance with UK and/or EU data protection laws. In particular, this means that your data will only be transferred to a country that provides an adequate level of protection or the recipient is bound by standard contractual clause according to conditions provided by the European Commission ("EU Model Clauses"). By entering your information to Service or website, you agree to this type of transfer, storage and processing. We take all reasonably necessary measures to assure safety of your information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. You undertake to not reveal your access credentials to the Service to a third party (or third parties) throughout the period of Service use.

We monitor the use of system resources

We have means to monitor usage of system resources, including number of users, transactions, payment status and other in order to measure software and hardware efficiency, as well as for other internal purposes.

We will never use data entered and stored in Service for any purpose other than providing the Service. We will never monitor specific user's activity history, except when resolving hardware or software failures.

Our employees have access to aggregated statistics regarding the use of Service. This information is used to improve functionality and user interface of Service.

General provisions

You are responsible for checking the privacy policies of external websites our Website and Service link to.

Our website and/or Service can link to other websites or services. We are not responsible for privacy policies of third parties and contents featured on their websites and/or Services.

This privacy policy is subject to change

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy anytime. Any changes will be published on our website.

Your rights

In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, you have the right to:

  • deletion - deleting your data from our servers,
  • access to your information processed by us,
  • change,
  • transmit your personal data directly to different Controller,
  • withdrawing consent to the processing of personal data.

The time of storage and processing of your data

We process your personal data for as long as you have an account in the service (you are the owner of an account or its user).

Your data will be deleted:

  • from our production servers - up to 14 days from the moment the company or user's account is deleted,
  • from other systems (backups, server logs) - up to 90 days from the moment the company or user's account is deleted.


If you feel that Innodia is mistreating your personal data and not handling it in a manner that you see fit, please send us an e-mail: We will do our best to resolve it together. You can also lodge a complaint with the ICO (The Information Commissioner’s Office, UK supervisory authority). The ICO will then keep the complainant involved in the process and outcome regarding your complaint.

For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the Data Controller of your Personal Data and users of your account is Innodia Ltd., a private company registered in England and Wales with number 07779992, whose registered office is at 5 London Road SW179JR, London, United Kingdom.

For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the Data Processor of Personal Data entered into the Service by you and your users is Innodia Ltd., a private company registered in England and Wales with number 07779992, whose registered office is at 5 London Road SW179JR, London, United Kingdom.

Any enquiries or discrepancies related to this document should be sent by e-mail to the following address: