What is Centrium?

Simple to use, cloud-based CRM software application.

Centrium can help you and your team stay organized and be on top of things. It allows you to store and share information with other teammembers about people and companies you do business with. Centrium will also assist in planning your team`s work using task lists, calendars and projects. It can also help you manage your sales pipeline.

Get started in minutes

Centrium is cloud based, you can access it with any modern browser and you do not have to install any additional software in order to run it. You can log in from any place in the world. Super simple and intuitive user interface will help you get started in minutes, without spending thousands of dollars on training or implementation.

After creating an account and inviting other teammembers Centrium is ready to go and most businesses will not require any additional configuration. However, if needed, advanced customization options like custom fields, permissions or item categories are available.

Focus on your business

Setting up and running multiuser software can be tricky. We do all the hard lifting for you. When using Centrium you do not have to worry about running servers, backups or complicated system and software updates. Thanks to this you can focus on what you`re doing best.

New features and improvements are added to Centrium all the time, you will be always using the latest version of our application. If you run into any problems or have any questions our support team is always ready to help you.

Personalize and brand

You can customize Centrium to fit your business needs: define custom fields (for unique information not fitting any of our predefined fields), custom data types, categories, stages and more. You can also set up permissions and user groups in order to protect your data. Upload your own logo and choose a color scheme matching your brand.

You will be also able to set up your current timezone, change number, date and currency formats. You can make Centrium your own.

Better way to work together

Centrium will allow you and your team to work better together. Your work will be faster and more effective. Thanks to it`s simplicity sharing information and on-line cooperation will become a habit your business will benefit from.

Without any additional effort you and your team will achieve more: complete tasks, sell, quote, discuss and share documents. Centrium`s notifications will let you know by e-mail whenever something interesting happens.