Manage leads and turn them into sales

Deals allow you to keep track of the sales process. Add a lead as a Centrium deal and then build it up, step by step, into a successful sale. Keep an eye on the best prospects and figure out what are the bottlenecks. Add follow-up calls or meetings and store communication history to impress your customers and make them feel special.

Simple overview of open, won and lost deals

It is really easy to figure out the progress of each deal. Centrium divides sales process into stages (lead, offer sent, negotiations, etc.) and a result (won and lost). As you work on each deal you and your teammates move through the stages. Winning or losing a deal lets you specify a reason which can be later used to figure out where there is room for improvement.

List of deals provides a great overview of open leads and closed sales. Make sure that no lead is left without your attention for too long. Use filters to find deals that you want to focus on, whether they are pending leads ready to close or sales you want to analyze.

Put a face to a lead, add tasks and projects

Thanks to Centrium - leads are no longer anonymous, you have a one click access to the full history of communication, previous deals, tasks and projects with that specific customer. Use this information to create perfect, made to measure quotes.

Whenever closing a deal requires additional work, especially by other teammembers, you can add tasks and projects. Your sales team will be always up to date on the progress of work needed to move the deal forward.

Simple and flexible

Deal stages and reasons for winning and losing can be fully customized, you may even opt-out and not use them at all. This allows Centrium to fit into your current sales process perfectly and evolve with it.

Additional information may be stored in configurable custom fields, so it is possible to add information like online store account url, promo codes, referrals and more. You can also attach files and documents using notes, so you can prepare different versions of quotes, store specifications, etc.

Close sales together

It`s painless to collaborate on deals and keep everyone in the loop. Automatic notes and notifications will let right teammembers know whenever something important happens. Notes, comments, files and documents added to the deal itself or to tasks and projects related to that deal will be displayed on that deal`s page.

You can reassign the deal at any stage to a different person. In example you can have a sales rep make all the initial calls and prepare the quote, then reassign the deal to a manager in order to get it approved and in the end let accounting take care of billing and invoices.