Group simple tasks into milestones and projects

When simple tasks are not enough you can combine them into a project. Work with your team, assign tasks to different teammembers, track project and milestone progress, be on top of things thanks to notifications and deliver on time. Share files, documents, designs, quotes or any other resources with the whole team working on that project with just a few clicks.

Easy task management and grouping

Keep related tasks in one place. Group them using milestones. You can add both new and existing tasks to a project. Set due dates to whole project and all milestones. Get a clear view of progress and task assignees.

Projects have been desgined to be as simple as possible letting you focus on getting the job done rather than fighting complicated setups. Managing a projects is also easy - moving and reordering tasks is done through drag and drop, changing deadlines and reassigning tasks takes only a few clicks.

Track progress with ease

Overall project progress is calculated as percentage of closed tasks. It is displayed as an easy to read pie chart on project pages and on project lists. With a glimpse of an eye you can figure out how much work has been done recently and which projects need more attention.

Project`s note feed will feature all notes from project`s tasks, so managing the project, collaborating and keeping everyone up to date is reliable and hassle-free.

Connect with contacts and deals

Setting up a project related to a contact or a deal will let you easily figure out recent history, past tasks, deals and projects. Finding customer`s phone number, e-mail or the right person to contact with additional questions or ideas will no longer be a problem.

Every action taken in the project or it`s tasks will also contribute to deal`s and contact`s history, letting you come back to this information when needed the most.

Great flexibility

Centrium lets you define custom project types for easy grouping and filtering and gives you lots of freedom when designing project structure. You can use optional task groups as milestones to set partial due dates and reorder parts of work easily.

You can define custom fields to store texts, numbers, dates and urls unique to your business.