Reports will let you see the whole picture

Centrium's reports allow you to connect all the dots and give you a bird's eye view of your company, employee performance, sales and contact relations. You will be able to use data gathered in Centrium to improve in all areas, forecast and plan future actions.

Sales funnels, analysis and forecasting

Analyzing and optimizing sales process is one of the most efficient ways of increasing sales volume in the future.

Centrium's reports allow you to display sales funnels, reasons of winning and losing deals, sales forecasts and employee sales reports. You can also apply custom filters like deal type, stage, tags and more whenever you want look into more details.

Employee performance - tasks and activity

Managing and scheduling tasks for employees can be a hurdle, using detailed efficiency and activity reports this process will become both easier and faster.

You will be able to answer questions: How many meetings did sales team have? How many calls did John make? Using this data you will be able to improve your team's perfomance and optimize their workload.

Contact reports

Knowing your customers is a key to success. Contact reports allow you to display both summary data and detailed information about specific customers and activity related to them.

List, count and group contacts using different criteria. Figure out who your perfect customer is in order to target future campaigns.

Configure presets and share with team

Each report provided by Centrium has configurable options and filters. This allows you to display results that are important to you.

Centrium's report settings can be saved as presets in order to access frequently used reports quickly. You can also share those presets with your team - everyone will be on the same page.