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Contacts - people and companies

Build your contact database - organize your marketing and customer relationships

By adding companies and people to Centrium you will build a secure, managable and reliable customer and contractor database. Having good relations with customers and business partners is the key to success of every business. In Centrium every contact gets it`s own page, which collects all important information, such as: history of actions deals, tasks, documents and contact data.

Flexible way to store data

Define a list of additional custom fields that describe people and companies. That`s a great way to personalize Centrium to fit your business.

Contact tagging (grouping) mechanism allows you to divide your contact database into multiple categories, which can greatly simplify building an effective and targetted marketing strategy. It is really flexible, every contact can be tagged with multiple annotations.

Smart way to display info

Contact`s page displays all information about that person or company. That info is collected as you work from related notes, tasks, deals and people. Everything is gathered in one place.

In addition, company pages display data and action history of its employees. Quickly read through contacts, tasks and documents. Be sure that no arrangement nor action shall be unnoticed.

Order and easy filtering

All contact information can be found in one place. You can easily filter by name, industry, contact details or additional information included in your custom fields.

Advanced filters help you find right contacts. Bulk operations on the contact list allow you to add multiple tasks, notes or export contacts to spreadsheets with a single click.

Safety and access control

You can choose which employees can see certain contacts. Make some of them private to specific co-workers, groups or departments. This allows users to build their own contact databases, and you as the account administrator can see everything.

Contacts with limited access are always marked with a special icon and the program displays a detailed list of people who can view them.