Shared contact lists - people and companies

Keep contact information in one place

Centrium allows you to build secure contact lists that can be shared with all or selected teammembers. Every contact gets own and always up to date page which displays all important information about the contact, in example: history of actions, call and meeting minutes, list of won, open or lost deals, pending or completed tasks and projects, documents and contact data. Having a complete view of contact`s details and history will help you prepare for the next call, meeting or e-mail in order to impress you customer.

Find and group contacts with ease

Powerful filters allow you to quickly find and group your contact lists. In example listing all marketing managers in a city you`re planning your trip to takes only a couple of seconds. You can group your contacts by setting contact types or by tagging them with custom labels.

Centrium will save you lots of time during your everyday work. No matter if you are planning a marketing campaign, calling to inform about a new product launch, completing tasks, creating offers or preparing reports, Centrium has the right tools to help you.

Everyone on the same page

Contact is always in the center. All information you and your team enter is automatically collected as you work from related notes, tasks, deals projects and people. Everything is gathered in one place. Before contacting a customer you can easily see the latest arrangements, completed or pending tasks and prepare for the call.

Make all your customers feel special and cared for. Thanks to Centrium you will be able to easily recall all the dates, tasks and arrangements, even if you weren`t the one to make them.

Flexible way to store data

Centrium allows you to add lots of additional information about your contacts: multiple addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, social media accounts and website urls. You can also add own descriptions, categories and labels. All entered information is easily filterable.

You can even define custom fields to store texts, numbers, dates and urls unique to your business, in example: online store accounts, delivery reference numbers, important dates like birthday or end of warranty. The possibilities are endless.

Safety and access control

You can limit the visibility of certain contacts to make them private or visible only to specific co-workers, groups or departments. This allows users to build their own contact databases, and focus only on contacts that are important to them. Contacts with limited access are always marked with a special icon with a detailed list of people who can view them.

Centrium also allows you to protect information by defining who can delete and bulk delete data stored in your account.